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Lurblåsare och Student

Nu säljer jag mina hobbyvirkade lurblåsare. Hämtade inspiration från två olika lurblåsare av keramik när jag gjorde detta mönstret! De kostar 40 :- stycket. Vill man ha student varianten kostar den 55:- och jag säljer även studentmössan ensam för 15:-. Mer info och beställning maila mig på

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New Due South story, nameless

If anyone reads this story and have a name for it I'd be happy to reconsider it!

"Ooops" – Chapter 01

May 2000 in Ottawa

Pregnant?!” Meg Thatcher said to her doctor.

Yes Margret, you're about four weeks along. Have you told Peter about your suspicions?” the family physician asked.

Peter was Meg's husband, well after this afternoon ex-husband. They had been separated the last two months all since they got the house sold and for a long time before that they hadn't even shared a bedroom. He had never really accepted her career with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, not even when she got a 'desk-job' as Inspector. Meg had climbed the promotion ladder fast, she was only 32 years old.

No, I haven't” she answered the doctor, surprised that he didn't know Peter and her was divorcing.

Meg had just two weeks earlier accepted a position in Chicago at the Canadian Consulate. this was going to be her baby and hers alone. She made a mental note to contact a doctor as soon as she came to Chicago.

The doctor handed her a pamphlet “Here is a list of a few things you should think about and please make an appointment with an obstetrician as soon as possible”

Thank you doctor” Meg said and got up from the seat. Without really thinking about it she put a hand on her stomach.

Peter will be thrilled” the doctor said but Meg didn't respond to it.

Meg went to her favorite lunch place for a quick salad before she had to be at the lawyer's office at one to sign the divorce papers. She didn't hate Peter and none of them had been cheating it just didn't work anymore. They had even argued less when they divided the things in the house than they had when they bought the same things.
Meg had the whole day off and wasn't too keen on going home which was to her parent's place, although she just had accepted the Chicago job it had been up for a while so she had never bothered finding a new apartment. 
"Do you have time for a coffee" Meg asked Peter as they stepped outside the office.

"Sure. I actually got the rest of the day off" he said.

They walked across the street and then down town before they stepped into a small cozy café that they had met up at many times when they worked long days. They sat down and was quickly handed menus.

Meg looked at Peter as they waited.

"You want to tell me something" he said and smiled at how well he knew her.

"Yes" Meg took a deep breath.

"Have you met someone?" Peter asked.

"Oh God no" Meg exclaimed "Not in that meaning and what use would that be since I'm off to Chicago in two weeks" she felt nervous and was rescued by their orders being served. She sipped her coffee.

"I wouldn't blame you if you had, you shouldn't have to be alone" Peter said.

"I'm not alone and to be honest, with this move it's nice not to be involved with someone. Meg admitted.

"But there were still something you wanted to tell me" Peter said and took a bite of his sandwich, he hadn't had time for lunch today.

"Yes and I'm telling it to you so you shouldn't hear it from someone else later on" Meg said and took another deep breath "I'm pregnant Peter" she waited for his reaction but he was stunned "You know it's not yours. I'm not proud of it but I had had a little too much at the jubilee and one thing lead to another"

Still shocked Peter looked at her "Didn't you think of protecting yourself?" he didn't know why he felt angry and jealous as they hadn't even discussed starting a family.

"Of course I did but it's not fool proof you know" Meg was a bit angry with him for thinking that of her.

"I'm sorry Meg. I didn't mean it. So do you know the father? Is he one of your classmates from the academy?" Peter asked.

Meg blushed and felt ashamed "We didn't talk much and you've been with me a few times. We all look the same in the red serges"

Peter laughed "Yeah you do. Do you remember that long haired guy who hadn't tied up his hair five years ago and I thought it was you?"

"Yes I do and my colleagues did too for a long time" Meg admitted with a smile.

Peter turned a bit more serious "Will you be OK on your own. I mean we both know it doesn't work with us together but I'm here for you if you need me" he offered.

"Thank you Peter I will remember that if I need anything" Meg said.

"Seriously Meg you don't know who he is. Have you tried looking at photos from the evening?" Peter asked.

"Yes I have" Meg answered "I do firmly believe that I would know him if I saw him in person, but I can't really ask for a line-up, can I?" Meg shook her head. There had been hundreds of Mounties all dressed in red serges at the 90's jubilee of the RCMP.

"I guess you can't" Peter agreed. He looked at his wrist watch "Wow, it's already five. I guess I should get home. I've got a few work things I need to do on the computer" he said.

"I should get going too. In still need a few things sorted before I can send my boxes down to Chicago" Meg took out her wallet.

"Let me pay" Peter said and looked at her. Meg put the wallet back, they had never argued about money and why would they start now.

Peter returned from the counter and helped Meg with her coat "Can you promise me you'll tell your parents about the baby tonight" he knew the relationship between them and Meg hadn't been the best always. Much due to Meg's mother not accepting that Meg wanted a career in the RCMP.

"Yes I will" Meg said.

"And please call me before you leave or when you have arrived in Chicago. I still care about you as a friend" Peter bent his head to kiss her cheek.

Meg couldn't help the tears threatening in her eyes. Quickly she dried the away with the back of her hand.

Chicago May 2000

Benton Fraser had served at the Canadian Consulate for the last six years. All since he ended up there on the trail of his father's murderer. It had turned out to be a highly ranked officer and friend of his father's and it wasn't taken lightly that Benton turned him in. As a punishment they had placed him on the Canadian Consulate in Chicago.

Benton had served well and at a large number of occasions helped the detectives at the 27th precinct solving cases. So well in fact that when he was at the jubilee last month he had finally gotten promoted to Sergeant.

He thought back to his trip home. He had two weeks off and after the big celebrations in Ottawa he had gone to his cabin in the Northwest territories. It was all he had left of his family. His mother had died when he was just six years old so he had grown up with his paternal grandparents. His father the legendary Robert Fraser had been more devoted to the RCMP than his family, something that annoyed Benton more these days as he tended to pop up out of nowhere with good advices.

When Benton came back to Chicago he had been met at the airport by Francesca Vecchio, younger sister of his detective friend Ray, civilian aid the 27th precinct and in her own mind the future Mrs Benton Fraser. Ben had tried his best not to lead her on. She had been particular clingy just before he went to Canada. He couldn't help he was brought up well and that made a big impression on the American ladies he had noticed.

He wasn't really interested in any relationship. The one he had had with Victoria Metcalf three years ago had left him shot in the back by his best friend when she ran away on the train. He hadn't heard from her at all since.
Due to Francesca being more clingy lately Ben had stayed away from the 27th precinct, but he started missing talking to the guys. The Inspector, Mr Adler, wasn't a man that socialist very much and the junior Mountie Turnbull, well he was a special kind of guy, always eager to serve and he always cooked or baked something in the kitchen of the Consulate. Ben had to get out. He put his hat on and told Diefenbaker his half wolf, half dog that they were going out. As so many times lately he had to tell him twice, Ben could swear he had gotten more deaf with age, or he just was becoming too comfortable inside.

Ben walked into the bull pen and was happy to see Francesca not being at her desk. He walked towards the double desk that Ray Vecchio and Stan Kowalski shared, but they weren't there so he knocked on Lt. Welshes door.

Enter” he heard from inside and when Ben came in he saw Ray and Stan standing in the middle of the room.

Hello everyone” Ben said.

Hi Benny” Ray said “Long time no see, how was Canada. The cabin still there?” Ray had helped him rebuild it after a fire that Ben suspected a guy that knew Victoria had set.

Yes it's still there and it was nice to get away” Ben said.

Sorry about Frannie, I couldn't stop her from going to the airport, but now she's in Florida with our mother and sister” Ray went on.

Detectives, can we go on with the case?” Lt Welsh asked.

Sure” Stan answered. He and Ray hadn't gotten off to the best of terms, but it wasn't surprising as Stan had had to play Ray for two years when Ray went undercover to bust the Mafia

"Do you want me to leave lieutenant?" Ben asked.

"No you can stay" Welsh said and nodded towards Ray and Stan "These two usually involves you anyway"

"That is true Lt Welsh" Ben said.

The lieutenant smile a crocked smile, he liked the official way he was addressed by the Canadian not like his own staff that often left out his ranking.

"So do you have time to come with us or shall we drop you off at the Consulate?" Ray asked as they stepped out of the Lieutenant's office.

Ben looked at his father's old standard RCMP wrist watch "I think I better get back. We'll get a new Inspector in a few days and Turnbull goes to pieces when I'm not there" he said.

"How about some pizza and hockey at my place tonight then?" Stan asked.

"Sounds like a plan. I'll bring the pizzas around seven?" Ben asked.

"Great" both Stan and Ray said.

As Ben and Diefenbaker entered the Consulate the phone was ringing but no Turnbull in 

"Canadian Consulate Sergeant Benton Fraser speaking how may I help you" Ben said with the same ease as everything else although it was a mouthful. Ben listened to the caller before he put him thru to the Inspector.

"Turnbull?" Ben called and walked down the hallway towards the kitchen where he usually found him cooking or baking.

"I'm here Sergeant Fraser" Turnbull called from upstairs.

"What are doing up there" Ben asked.

"Cleaning, have you forgotten about the new Inspector?" Turnbull asked slightly stressed.

"No, of course I haven't, but do you think he will be bothered about the upstairs first thing?" as everyone else Ben assumed it was a male Inspector coming.

"Oh you haven't heard yet, they new Inspector shall live at the Consulate until she finds an apartment" Turnbull said.

Not much shocked Ben but he wasn't prepared for this "Is it a woman Inspector?" Ben asked.

"Sergeant Fraser are you feeling alright. You haven't been yourself since you came back" Turnbull came down the stairs.

It was true Ben had been preoccupied, thinking about the woman he had slept with after the big gala-evening of the jubilee. They hadn't spoken very much and when he woke up the next morning he had been alone in his hotel-bed.

"I'm sorry Turnbull, I didn't mean to worry you. I'm alright and I will at once go read all my correspondences both letters and e-mails. Then I will help you get this place in top shape we can't let the new Inspector think we're sloppy" Ben said although sloppy wasn't the least the Canadian officers were but you could always polish things.

Satisfied with the answer Turnbull returned back upstairs. He made a mental note to order fresh flowers for the morning Inspector Thatcher was arriving.

Ben went thru his mails and letters quickly and efficiently. He read the information about Margaret Thatcher that had been attached as a file in the e-mail from Ottawa. Although the photo was loading slowly so he skipped waiting for it and turned the computer off to go help Turnbull.

After a few hours in the junior officer's company Ben was more than ready to get over to Stan's place for some pizza and hockey. He dressed in jeans and a red plaided shirt, as always he had this stetson on when he stepped out, he felt naked without it. Since both Inspector Adler and Turnbull had left for the day Ben put the alarm on and locked the door behind him and Diefenbaker.

Disclaimer/Copyright 2013 and forward: I don't own the characters from Due South, but I've written the story and therefore feel I own that. I also want to say I don't know about how the Academy for RCMP or something alike works so I've made it up a nice way to fit my story.

Due South - Assignment Europe 14

Chapter 14 – Wrapping it up

A couple of days after the Queen's banquette at the Danish Consulate Ben and Stine welcomed their baby daughter to the world. Ben sat in a chair with the baby in his arms when Stine woke up from her nap. The experience had been exhausting but the reward had been worth it all.

There was a quiet knock on the door before a nurse looked inside. “Is everything alright” she asked.

Yes it is” Stine answered.

The nurse walked over to Ben and picked the baby up “Have you tried nursing yet?” Stine shook her head and started to sit up, she felt nervous. “It will be just fine” the nurse smiled at her and handed her the baby. She showed her a few tips and in no time the baby was nursing.

Stine looked down at the baby in her arms and got tears in her eyes. It was all so emotional.

Ben got up to sit on the edge of the bed. It had been a long night, their baby had been born at 4 am and the only one who knew they had went to the hospital was Maggie and that was only because she had been over for dinner the evening before. Ben put his hand on the baby's head. “She's so tiny” he said softly.

Yes she is” Stine agreed. She looked up at Ben “You know what?” she asked.

Ben shook his head “No, what?” he said.

I'd like to name her after my great grandmother Märta” she said the name in Danish.

Märta” Ben tried the name, he wasn't too used to the strange sounds of the Danish language.

We could make it more international 'Martha' maybe” Stine suggested.

Would you like that?” Ben looked at the baby “Martha” the baby didn't pay any attention to her parents.

Stine put her free hand on Ben's unshaved cheek and made him look at her “I'd also like for her to have your mother's name” she said “Martha Caroline” they had discussed a few names both for a girl and a boy.

Ben bent forward and kissed her wife “Martha Caroline will be just fine” he said with a smile. He got up and moved to the other side of the bed so he could sit and put his arm around Stine's shoulders. He rested his head on her shoulder and fell asleep.

In the afternoon the room was filled with flowers, presents, balloons and guests. They had all come and gone, Meg and Ray, Maggie who had stayed the longest, Stan of course too and even Turnbull and Lt. Welsh had showed up. Most of the Vecchio's had been by too.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Ben and Stine decided to stay in Chicago and not go back to Denmark to work. About two years later the day after Ray and Meg's twins had their two year's birthday Ben and Stine welcomed their son Paul Robert to the world. Martha was a proud big sister and told everyone she met that she had a baby brother and how big he had been at the birth, both length and weight. She was just as informative as her father. She also looked very much forward to being a flower girl at her Aunt Maggie's wedding to her uncle Stan. Aunt Maggie had laughed when Martha had asked if Diefenbaker too could be a flower girl.

~The End~

Disclaimer/Copyright 2013 and forward: I don't own anything from the series Due South, it's just borrowed for your entertainment. This is my story though and I feel I own that.

Due South - Assignment Europe 13

Chapter 13 – The Queen

Stine didn't know what to put on for the Queen's banquette, this was the first time she wished she wasn't pregnant. She didn't feel like shopping for something that she would wear just this once. The dress she had had at the wedding could have been OK if her breasts hadn't grown as the rest of the dress was loosely fitted she thought. She had all day to do nothing and anything so she took the dress, called a taxi and went to the wedding store to see if they could help her get it fitted. Of course Ben was going to have his dress uniform on, it hung all pressed and with shiny attributes all ready. For once she had gotten a well mannered taxi driver and he helped her out “Do you want me to wait Mrs Fraser” she looked astonished at the driver and saw that it was one of the guys who lived in their old apartment building “No thank you Mr Tanner” she smiled at him “Maybe I can leave you my card and you can call me directly when you need picking up” he suggested “That would be nice Mr Tanner” she nodded and put the card in the purse as she took her wallet out to pay him “Thank you kindly for the service” she said, she had taken for habit to say 'Thank you kindly' just like Ben did, probably since he did it all the time. Mr Tanner walked her to the store and held the door for her “Looking forward to hearing from you soon Mrs Fraser” he said and went back to his taxi.

A young woman came up to Stine “May I help you?” she asked politely “Yes you may, I've got this dress and I thought maybe you'd be able to to help me alter it a bit” she showed the garment bag that had the store's logo on it “Oh, I will go get Mrs Swanson our seamstress” she walked away and soon Mrs Swanson appeared from the back room “Well hello” she said with a familiar smile “What can I help you with?” she asked and Stine told her about the banquette and that she had tried the dress on at home since she didn't feel she had anything that suited her but it didn't fit as well as it had a few months earlier. “Well, why don't you put it on” Mrs Swanson showed Stine to the fitting room “And let me know when you have it on and I'll see what I can do”

45 minutes later Stine called Mr Tanner to take her over to the Canadian Consulate, she wanted to see if Ben had time to go for lunch with her. The dress would be ready for pick up on Friday. When the cab stopped outside the Consulate she was that it was Turnbull on guard, she smiled and said hello to him. Carefully she climbed the stairs and opened the heavy door to the Consulate. “Hi Maggie” she greeted her sister-in-law that sat at the front desk “Hi Stine” the woman Mountie smiled “Ben's busy at the moment” she said “Can I get you something to drink while you wait” Maggie offered “A glass of water would be nice, and maybe if you can tell me if I can take Ben out for lunch?” Maggie looked down in the day planner “I think you can, unless he's put anything down in his own planner that I don't know about” Maggie left for the kitchen and came back with a glass of water. The spring weather was getting hotter by the day.

When Maggie saw that the line her brother talked on got free she called him on the intercom “You've got a visitor temp. Inspector Fraser” she said with formality, she loved teasing her brother and knew how he got up, straightened out his back and put the official posture on.

Ben had slowly gotten used to his new assignments and from time to time he had unannounced visitors like today, he cursed under his breath as he had planned on calling home to see so everything was OK. He was still flipping thru some papers when he came out of the office “Could you go thru these and then file them constable Fraser” he said to his sister without looking up “Sure thing Ben” she said and he at once looked up with a scolding look, then he saw how Maggie burst into laughter and looked over to see Stine sit and wait for him. She slowly started to stand up and in two quick steps he was by her side to help her “Thank you” she smiled and kissed his cheek. “What brings you by here?” Ben asked her “I just thought I'd see if you were free for lunch” Stine answered “Yes I am, but you could have called and I'd come home instead” It hadn't been a week yet and Stine was already bored of being at home. “Actually I was out getting a dressed altered for Saturday” Stine said and Maggie looked up “Anything happening on Saturday?” she asked “We're invited to the Queen's banquette over at the Danish Consulate” Stine answered “Oh, that's nice, our Queen seldom travels” Maggie informed. Stine looked up at Ben “So, shall we go have lunch or shall I go home again?” she asked “Oh, lunch?” he said absentminded “Sure, we'll have lunch. Let me just get my hat” Ben said and returned to his office to collect his Stetson, as he passed the reception desk on his way out Maggie handed him a cellphone “And this temp. Inspector Fraser” she said “You know you have to be available” Fraser rolled his eyes as response and put the phone into a pocket.

They chose a restaurant near by, Diefenbaker who always accompanied Ben to work had had to stay with Maggie, but he was pretty satisfied with that as he knew she always had a treat for him in the desk drawer. As it was a lovely spring day they sat outside and ate a lovely lunch “It feels luxury on a common Tuesday to sit like this” Stine said after finishing her meal “It sure does” Ben agreed and went on “We should do this more often, I mean now with my temporary work I don't stand guard unless Margret is in” Stine looked up at him “How is she doing, will she be back soon?” she asked “I don't know” Ben answered “She called in yesterday, you know her she can't let go of work, and she said that she'd be on sick leave for at least another week, but her first trimester should soon be over and hopefully she said she'd feel better then” Stine lent forward and put her hand on Ben's “I certainly hope so, I want you around when it's time for this one to be born” she put her other hand on her stomach. “I wouldn't miss it for the world” Ben said looking her lovingly in the eyes. Ben paid for the meal and they slowly walked back to the Consulate. Stine called Mr Tanner again and he came to take her home.

Friday morning Stine went to the hairdresser to get her hair cut and then to pick her dress up. By the time Ben got home from work she had dinner ready and after that they made it an early night, it would be a long day the next day as the banquette wasn't until the evening.

Stine was quiet happy to just be a guest when she arrived at the Consulate, of course the security had been put up a few notches for the Queen's visit and the whole place was buzzing with excitement. Many of the staff hadn't met the Queen in real life. A few minutes before the Queen was to arrive everyone was told to line up so the Queen could greet them as she passed. Everyone was presented by name to the Queen, when it came to Ben and Stine's turn the Queen stopped a little extra “Benton Fraser?” she said before they were presented “I do remember you from when you were in Denmark” she said “Did you enjoy your time there?” she asked “Yes, Your Majesty, very much and I'm looking forward to going back soon” he said politely. Stine didn't know what to feel, she was standing to the right of Ben and had been 'overlooked' by the Queen “You are welcome anytime” the Queen said to Ben before someone whispered in her ear that she hadn't been introduced to Stine Fraser “That was an unusual combination of names” she shook Stine's hand “Yes Your Majesty” Stine said at the same time as she knelt for the Queen, she had been practicing all day, a lot of things weren't so easy these days. “I'm married to sergeant Fraser” Stine smiled at her husband. The Queen smiled at the pair “No wonder you did enjoy your time in Denmark” she said and was on her way to the next person in line.

Stine was happy when the line up was over and she could sit for a few minutes before they were told to take their seats in the dining hall. Before dinner was over Ben and Stine got a note that the Queen would very much like to meet the pair after dinner. Stine got very nervous. They got showed into a smaller room of the Consulate and while they waited Stine sat down on the edge of a chair as it was easier to get up. The door opened and the Queen came into the room and Stine started to get up “Please Mrs Fraser, stay seated, it can't be far now” the Queen said “Thank you Your Majesty” Stine smiled and the Queen too sat down, Ben was standing behind the chair Stine was sitting on “Please sergeant Fraser, do sit down too” he was too tall to look up on when she was seated the Queen thought. “I guess you both wonder why I wanted to meet you two” the Queen started “This is the reason, I would very much like for the two of you to come back to work in Denmark” she looked over at Ben “You did a great job for both the Canadian Consulate and Danish people when you were in Copenhagen sergeant” “Thank you Your Majesty” Ben said “I did enjoy working there” he took Stine's hand “I know Stine misses her home country from time to time and I believe it would be nice to come work in Denmark again, but now it's really the right time” The Queen laughed “Oh, I didn't mean right now, I've looked into your situation a bit and I know you're also working as a temporary Inspector at your own Consulate” she paused “And then there's your baby” she smiled softly at the young couple and thought of all her grandchildren at home, both her boys had blessed her with four children each.

Stine looked at Ben “It would be lovely to go back to Denmark, but home for me is where you are” Ben took her hand “I feel the same way” then he looked at the Queen “We have to think about it”

That's all I want, for you to think about it. I will have someone from the cabinet send you an e-mail with details and then you can think it over” the Queen said.

Ben and Stine left the Consulate soon after talking to the Queen.

Author's note: I wanted to make the Danish Queen a bit more personal than I already think she is.

Disclaimer/Copyright 2013 and forward: I don't own anything from the series Due South, it's just borrowed for your entertainment. This is my story though and I feel I own that.

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Här kan man se några av många barn som tagit emot en hjärtkatt antingen i Göteborg eller i Lund där de delas ut.

Detta är de hjärtekatter jag virkat, i den bakersta raden "mina egna" och de som ligger ner är de jag varit med och stödvirkat.

Och här är lite syskondjur som jag skickade med, hjärtanen på dessa syns inte men finns på alla och de har inte de förbaskade stygnen i sig som hjärtekatterna har, för att symbolisera att syskonen inte blivit hjärtopererade.

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Due South - Assignment Europe 12

Chapter 12 – Time passes

Ben came home after a long day at the Consulate and found Stine sleeping on the sofa. It was pretty common these days, there were only a month left before their baby would arrive. He stood by the side and just looked at her “She's radiant” he heard from behind and turned to see his father “Yes she is” he agreed “You've done good for yourself Benton” his father said and continued “I actually thought for a bit that I'd never get grandchildren, I mean you and the Inspector just walked around each other” Ben turned back to look at his father again “Dad, can you skip that old talk, besides Margret is married to Ray now” he told for 'the millionth time'.

The New Year's wedding had been fairly small, Margret's parents had come down for just the weekend, they didn't like to leave home very much, all the friends were there and of course the Vecchio's. Margret had had one a lovely white dress, and the bride's maids had all been smashing in matching purple dresses, Margret had let the girls chose models for themselves as long as they had the same color and you couldn't see that Stine was five months pregnant by the time. Ben glanced up on the shelf and saw the wedding photo. He had been Ray's best man, the only request Ray had had was that he worn a tuxedo and not his dress uniform.

Ben sat down besides Stine on the sofa and gently placed a kiss on her cheek. Her eyes fluttered open “Hi smukke” he had learned a few Danish words during the time they'd been together and he liked the ring of the Danish 'beautiful'. “Hi Ben, you're home already?” she asked “It's 7 pm.” Ben answered “I'm sorry I'm so late, but this transition takes it time” he was referring to that he now half time was working as a temporary Inspector. Ben had been promoted after doing a great work at the Consulate and being a great help to the Chicago Police that was why he now could help out running the Consulate when Margret had to stay home, it hadn't taken long after the wedding before she got pregnant and she hadn't been as lucky as Stine who had up until now not been that much affected, now Stine only got tired easily. Stine sat up in the sofa and put a pillow behind her back “I must have slept thru the alarm, I had planned on having dinner ready for you when you got back” she said tiredly. Ben smiled at her “You don't have to make dinner every evening” he said “Why don't I call for some Chinese?” he suggested and Stine thought about it “Sure, but nothing spicy for me” Ben went over to the fridge and took down the Chinese menu and placed the call.

I'll just take a quick shower” Stine whispered not to disturb him. When he had ordered he joined her in the shower. Stine moaned when he ran his soapy hands over her back. It felt so relaxing and good. She turned around and put her arms around his neck stood on her tiptoes to kiss him. “They were busy at the Chinese place, it takes around 30 minutes” Ben told when they broke the kiss. He put his hands on her stomach “Have I told you how lucky you've made me” he looked her in the eyes as the water flowed over them. “Not today” Stine said and reached for the shampoo bottle. She washed and rinsed her hair and added the conditioner. Ben quickly washed up and got out. When Stine turned off the water he helped her out and wrapped a towel around her, again resting his hands on her stomach.

Did I tell you that it's planned for Queen Margarethe to come visit Chicago and she will of course come to the consulate” Stine said as they sat down at the table having dinner “No you didn't, when will this happen?” Ben asked “In two weeks, there will be a big banquette on the Saturday evening and we're both invited to it” she showed the official invitation. Ben smiled “I actually met her once when I was working in Copenhagen, I think it was before I met you which don't give much of a time frame” “That gives you a head up on me” Stine said “Of course I've seen her a lot of times, but never met her in person” she rubbed her aching back. “Do you want me to massage that after dinner?” Ben asked when he saw what she did and got a nod and tired smile back.

A week before the Queen's visit the Danish Consulate was buzzing with preparations, this Friday was Stine's last day before she went on maternity leave. When lunchtime came they all gathered in a room and had a little celebration for her, she got a few gifts for the baby from her colleges, there had been a big baby shower over at the Vecchio house the last Sunday and now she felt that she didn't need to buy anything herself for the baby.

When she arrived home she found Ben's father sitting at the kitchen counter as so many times before. They had had some nice chats during these months “Hello Stine” he said “Hi yourself” she was now comfortable with it, he usually turned up when she needed some support and couldn't call Ben as he was too busy at work or she couldn't call her mother as it was too late in Denmark. “So, what's bothering you today?” Robert Fraser asked his daughter-in-law. “Nothing really” she shrugged her shoulders “It's just....” she said “Oh, there's so many things running around in my head now” she hated to leave her part of the work to someone else, although the temporary assistant had seemed to be a good person, just a bit too efficient, almost like he had been Canadian instead of Danish. “I understand that's common for women in your position, I mean in the late state of pregnancy. Unfortunately I wasn't there for Benton's mother as I was posted in at a far away station by the time. Benton was two weeks old before I met him the first time” Stine thought back to the time when Ben had missed their first ultrasound and it could still make her furious and she'd never forgive him if he wasn't there for the birth “Now, now Stine” Robert Fraser said and wished he could have given her a hug “Remember I can read your thoughts as well as talk to you, but you don't have anything to worry about, Benton will be there for you” Stine sighed “At least he's not working with Ray and Stan for the time being” it had been more or less impossible for him to help the 27th precinct lately. “But that was really the work he was trained for, I feel it's my fault he got positioned here in Chicago” Robert said “I know, but I feel much safer with him at the Consulate” Stine confessed before she walked over to the living room. She put down her cup of tea she had made and turned the TV on, it seemed that Robert had disappeared again, he did that all the time and she had wondered many times if he'd still be around for her to see and talk to when the baby was born.

The phone rang and it was her mother calling from Denmark, she said that she and Stine's father planned on coming to Chicago the week of the estimated birth and stay for two weeks. Stine got so happy she started to cry and went on crying after they finished the call. For once Ben came home a bit early and rushed straight over to Stine not minding the tears on his uniform. “What's wrong?” he asked and Stine tried to explain but Ben only understood half the words “Please darling” he looked at her and dried some tears away with his thumbs before reaching into a pouch on his belt for a handkerchief. He placed a soft kiss on her forehead “Will you tell me again?” and Stine told about how she had talked to her mother and that her parents were coming to visit. She looked up at him “Ben, I'm scared, what if something goes wrong, what if mother and father don't get here in time if it does” Ben sat down in the sofa and cradled her in his safe arms “Everything will be OK” he spoke softly “We've got an appointment with the doctor on Monday morning and you will see that everything will be all right” he put a finger under her chin and tilted her face up “Besides, we're meeting your Queen on Saturday and this baby” he put his other hand protectively on her stomach “This baby have promised me that nothing will stop you from that” Stine thought about how Ben many nights when they've gone to bed laid resting his head on her chest talking to their baby. Stine laughed “You're crazy Ben, as long as you promise not to go on any excursions with Ray and Stan I think I'll be OK too”

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Due South - Assignment Europe 11

Chapter 11 – The others

After breaking up with Frannie or was it her that had broken up with him, Stan didn't really know, he had taken to a habit getting to know Maggie Fraser's guard schedule and started to go by the Canadian Consulate, he almost felt like a stalker. One day a few weeks later just before six pm as some young guys stood around her making comments he couldn't take it anymore. “Why don't you guys either take a photo with the lovely officer nice and calmly or just get out of here” he showed them his badge and the guys took to their feet just as the church bell over the street started to chime. Maggie relaxed and smiled at Stan “Thank you kindly Stan, they weren't doing anything really” she said “Well maybe it didn't look like it in your eyes but to me it wasn't a very nice behavior” he looked around “May I accompany you home?” he asked in the polite way he had gotten used to when he was around his Canadian friends. "Oh that would be nice" Maggie said "I just need to sign off first" she took the step two at a time with the same efficiency as Stan seen Ben do so many time before. He lent against the rail and waited for her return. As they walked side by side Maggie thought of a subject to talk about and said "Isn't it crazy?" "What?" he asked and turned his head to look at her. "Ben and Stine's baby. I mean that will make me an aunt" she said "Bet you're excited though" she grinned and put her arm thru his "Nothing goes passed you, does it detective?" she teased. She saw the sign for her favorite pizza place "Care to join me for a pizza?" she glanced at him "Dutch of course" Stan shrugged his shoulders "I can always eat" he held the door for her.

Back at Inspector Margret Thatcher's place the mood was somewhat similar. She laid happily satisfied in Ray's arms. "You have a bad influence on me Detective Vecchio" she kissed his jawline "How so?" he looked her in the eyes "Haven't you ever played 'hookie' before?" he laughed "As a matter of fact" she started and Ray moved into a sitting position "Sorry of course you haven't, you're a Mountie, you even work when you're ill" she too sat up facing him "Well..." Ray put his hand behind her neck and pulled her in for a kiss "You don't have to explain yourself to me, cara" he said. She liked it when he called her that he said it so softly with an Italian accent. She took a deep breath and snuggled against his neck "I think I might be very much in love with you Ray" she looked up into his dark eyes. He kissed her again "I love you too Meg" the next time they woke up it was dark outside and they were hungry for food. Luckily Meg had a well stocked fridge and together they made some pasta and sat down to eat, before they ended up in bed again.
Stan and Maggie enjoyed dinner together. They had a lot of things to talk about. One of them was ice hockey. "No way" Stan said when she said that the Swede Mats Sundin was her favorite rather than the native Wayne Gretzky "Yes way" she answered and the discussion went on even as they left the restaurant. When they came to her house she looked at him "Do you want to come up for a cup of coffee?" she held her breath "Or maybe a beer" he nodded "A beer sounds good" they went inside "They are in the fridge, take one out for me too" she said "I'll just get out of this" she ran her hands over her uniform. Stan thought back to his officer's days. He had hated the uniform it was much better now when he was a detective. He took two bottles of beer from the fridge and sat down in her sofa, when Maggie returned she was dressed in her favorite pair of jeans, a plain white t-shirt and barefoot. “Thank you kindly” she said as Stan handed her the opened bottle. She sat down on the opposite side from Stan and pulled her feet up under her. This way they sat chatting the night away. It was around two in the morning when Maggie stretched and yawned “Oh I've kept you up, haven't I?” Stan asked her “No, not at all” she smiled “Anyways I better get home” he said as he stood up “Or you stay” Maggie suggested “..on the sofa” she too got up “I've got some pillows and a blanket here” she opened a footstool and took the things out and handed it to him. Sparks flew as their hands met and they dropped everything on the floor and kissed hungrily. Clothes were shredded and they ended up in Maggie's bedroom.

Stan walked into the 27th precinct the next morning whistling. He couldn't be happier. “Who put that smile on your face?” Ray asked as Stan sat down opposite him at their shared desk “What do you mean?” Stan said “Not even my sister had you smiling and whistling the next morning” “Vecchio! Kowalski! My office now” Lt Welsh called and handed them a file as they stood in front of him. Ray groaned when he saw the names, it was well known names “Weren't these guys locked up for life?” he asked “Yes, but apparently they got out on good behavior and well now it's time to catch them again, preferable before they do any major crime” Welsh said “You know them?” Stan asked “Yes, I don't know how many times we've had to put them away, most likely is that they'll go the usual pattern. Rob a bank or jewelry store stealing some cars, usually a lot of shooting” Ray explained to his partner and they started towards the door “Guys” Welsh called “I've asked Inspector Thatcher for permission to use Fraser so go pick him up and please use your wests, I don't want to find you in the morgue” Stan shivered at the word, he hated the dead people.

As usual Ben was dressed in his red uniform and Ray sighed heavily “Why?” he knew they now had to go by the apartment to have Fraser change clothes “Do you got a west?” he asked as they all were sitting in the car again. Stan was a bit more preoccupied than usual, Maggie had been standing on the guard. “Sure, but what does that have to do with this assignment” Ben said “Oh Benny” Ray shook his head “I mean bulletproof west?” it was Ben's turn to shake his head “No, I don't, it's nothing we got in our equipment” he said truthfully “Of course not” Ray said and snapped his fingers in front of Stan “Wake up Stanley” he couldn't believe he was going to spend the most of the next few days with these guys “We have to go by the precinct then and pick you up a west” Ben lent forward from the backseat “What's up with you?” he asked Stan who grinned from one ear to another “He won't say” Ray put in “But he came into the precinct smiling and whistling” Ben looked at his friend in surprise, usually Stan wasn't so cheerful, especially in the mornings “Must be something in the air” Ben said and looked at Ray “Maggie was singing when she came in today” Both Ray and Ben looked at Stan when they connected all threads.“I certainly hope you're not cheating on my sister” Ray shot him an evil look and Stan shook his head “No, we've finished it a couple of weeks ago” he said “Mutually I might add” he said and looked at Ray who parked the car outside the station house “Let's go see if we can find Benny a west” at least he could try and protect his friend this way as he didn't have any jurisdiction to carry a weapon in Chicago, it had annoyed Ray many times but Fraser had other ways to get the bad guys down.

It took they guys the best part of three weeks to track down and catch the Dalton brothers. Well Ben couldn't help out every time and Stine didn't really like it when he strapped on the west that now was fitted to his own measures. She knew he had been out on much more dangerous things before back in Canada but this was here and now. Most crossed with him had she been the day when he hadn't showed up until after the doctors had finished their first ultrasound, the only thing that calmed her down was that Ben blamed himself even more. It all had ended up in their first real argument. She hadn't known Benton had it in him. Ben couldn't help but feel bad for a whole week and he did everything he could to make it up to her, although Stine had forgiven him already the next day but she didn't let him know. Making up again had been sweet.

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